Vanilla Basic

Pure vanilla ice cream, simple and pleasing to the senses.


Rich chocolate ice cream, simple but complete.


Chocolate ice cream with pieces of homemade fudge. A step up from your low-level chocolate ice cream.


Chocolate ice cream with pieces of homemade fudge, bits of chocolate wafer, and a caramel swirl. To imagine this, see Java (below) and make a few small adjustments.


Chocolate espresso ice cream with pieces of homemade fudge and a caramel swirl. Not very functional, but quite popular.


Chocolate orange ice cream pieces of homemade fudge. Unbounded richness.

Secret Key Lime Pie

Lime ice cream with graham cracker pieces and 3072 bits of homemade sugared limes.


Chocolate hazelnut ice cream with a net of chopped hazelnuts and Nutella. With what probability will you indulge?

Peaches and Scheme

A melt-in-your-mouth ice cream made with fresh peaches. Not as functional as its lingual counterpart, but equally elegant.

No-Pumpkin Complete

This pumpkin pie ice cream has everything but the pumpkin: pumpkin pie spices, graham crackers and honey-roasted pecans. A delicious "hard" ice cream.


Smooth vanilla ice cream with loops of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Markoffee Chip

Coffee ice cream with chocolate chips. Artificially intelligent, but naturally made from fresh coffee grounds.

Chip Improve-mint

Chocolate chips integrated into mint ice cream on a very large scale.

Strawberry Seed of Randomness

Strawberry ice cream made with fresh strawberries (and a fresh random tape).

The Professor

Designed for my dad (a computer science professor at The College of St. Rose), this ice cream flavor has all of his favorites. It is a chocolate ice cream with fresh cherries, home-made fudge pieces, and a splash of cherry brandy.


A mouth-watering blend of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries (NP-)complete this flavor.